Thursday, May 07, 2009

This American Life Live!

I eagerly went to the This American Life Live! event in movie theaters a couple weeks ago. If you missed it, you can see an encore performance on May 7th, 2009 (I know it's today... I could never be a real-time reporter). It is well worth it! Just click on the button below for more information:

The pre-show was even fun, with quizzes and interesting wordplay.

This American Life Pre-show

We got a wave from "our boss" Torey Malatia.

Wave from Torey Malatia

When the show finally started, I was mesmerized and didn't take many more pictures. Besides, my friend said that he could see my camera's red auto focus beam hitting the screen (had the point and shoot).

Ira Glass

It was definitely a different experience seeing Ira Glass larger than life on the big screen. I watched in awe as he pressed buttons on his audio console like a conductor. The episode was Return to the Scene of the Crime. It didn't have to do with criminals, OK some petty ones in the prologue, but it mostly highlighted some of the regular contributors. I even listened to the entire episode on the podcast again, to see what made into the radio show from 90 minute live show.

Mike Birbiglia started Act One with a nightmare story involving a drunk driver who t-boned his rental car. When he found out that the completely botched police report named him at fault, he embarked on a crusade to right the wrong. I loved seeing the police report and the actual napkin where he had madly scribbled out a plan during the live show.

Starlee Kine performed a piece about a retreat using the Hoffman Process with a Post-It Note Story. You guys who just listen to the radio show totally missed this. It was hilarious!

Dan Savage stole the show with a moving account of flirting with Catholism after his mother's death. Dan is a gay sex advice columnist whose lifestyle could never be reconciled with the faith that he was brought up with. It was funny, it was moving, and it totally made me cry.

Last but not least (and out of order in the radio show), Joss Whedon sang a DVD commentary number after a short viewing of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. If I hadn't see the video during the show, I probably would've missed the fact that Dr. Horrible is played by Neil Patrick Harris, aka Doogie Howser MD. I loved Doogie!

We also got a glimpse of a segment from the This American Life TV show. I've seen the show in passing on TV, and it really didn't speak to me, but this piece about John Smith was pretty interesting. If you missed the show and the radio broadcast, you can always listen to the podcast (download it quick while it's still free).

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