Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Flower burst fireworks
Flower burst.

Fireworks above and below
Fireworks above and below.

Red, white and blue
Red, white and blue.

This year I finally mastered photographing fireworks and captured these shots from our local town celebration.  I learned that lenses can focus beyond infinity (to infinity and beyond) from this Tips from the Top Floor segment.  You need to autofocus on a distant spot and then flip it to manual focus.  Last year, I set it to manual focus, cranked the lens beyond infinity and got all blurry shots.  And I give myself extra stars this year for setting the exposure manually as well (ISO 400, f/18, 2.5 sec).  Next year, I'll have to go all the way and remember to set the white balance manually too.  The fireworks went off just at dusk so we had a beautiful dark blue sky as a backdrop.

And no Fourth of July celebration is complete without our kids playing with their LED light sticks and running around like crazy!

LED stick in blink mode
LED light stick in "blink" mode.

Adam wrestles with John
Adam wrestles with a friend.

This video was shot courtesy of my new iPhone 3G S. Woo hoo!

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