Monday, July 06, 2009

Tuesday Toot - Adam's Piano Recital

Adam's piano recital

Adam had his very first piano lesson at the end of February and after only four months, he had his first piano recital.  His teacher introduced him as a "new student who has improved by leaps and bounds".  It could be that his mother lords over him as he practices, or more likely that he really has talent.  I am extremely proud of him, as he landed a spot about a third of the way through the program (which normally go from easy to hard pieces).  He was extremely nervous, but once he sat down, he was composed and played his piece perfectly with confidence.

I forgot to bring my video camera to the recital, so I shot this video of Adam playing his piece at home afterwards. He is quite the perfectionist, so even this nearly perfect performance got a Harrumph! afterwards.

Here's a video of Adam and me playing the piece together as a duet. I wanted to edit out the part where I lose my mind when Dova touches the camera, but the kids insisted it was funny and wanted to leave it in. 

Another funny thing I noticed in this video was that I've lost the 'r' in four after living in Massachusetts for the last 15(!!) years. I said, "One, two, three, fowah" twice!! Ack!!

And I leave you with an encore video of another Russian Sailor Dance duet. Both transcriptions are from the Faber Piano Adventures series.  Adam found it hysterical that I was the one who messed up at the end.

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