Thursday, July 16, 2009

PSF - Dova Gets her Zen On

Friends of ours are moving to New Mexico, leaving their beautiful house behind. They had one last party, and I was glad to be the unofficial photographer. Dova tagged along, modeling as I shot photographs. Their house is full of beautiful open spaces, light and tranquility. First, a picture of their great room.

Open house

Here's a cow hide rug that I absolutely loved:

Cow hide rug

The wife of the original house owner was a dancer, and a wall with mirrors was built for her dance studio.

In the mirror

I took about 20 shots of the mirror and none of them came out quite right. Difficult combination of shooting from the hip and autofocus / exposure mirror confusion.

There were no other kids at the party, so Adam spent the entire time playing on his Nintendo DS when he was not climbing over all the furniture. Here, Dova peered around him while she ate a brownie.

Dova peers around Adam

Outside at the pond, Dova contemplated the fish and checked out the interesting stones.

Lotus Dova

Stone ball

Chinese stone

I'm illiterate in Chinese, so I can't tell you what this character is (hopefully my mom will come to the rescue in the comments).

July 17,2009 - Agnes came through, "the chinese character is 'sou' means life longevity". Thanks Agnes!

I love this shot of Dova laughing, she is always so full of life!

Dova laughs

I took just one picture of myself, with my mischevious imp.

Me and Dova

We will certainly miss seeing our friends and visiting their sanctuary. We wish them well and hope to visit someday.

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