Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We're all related because we have the same color Nintendo DS!

On our whirlwind trip to Washington DC, we managed to attend a party, wedding, reception, swim in the pool, visit five families and squeeze in trips to the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in five days.  They don't call me the master scheduler for nothing!!

One of the cool things we learned about our cousins was that the two kids that had a Nintendo DS Lite, had the exact same color, crimson / black.  Of course Adam felt this was totally natural, but it amazed us easily impressed adults.  Here they are.

Adam and Alex

Adam and Samantha

These two cousins were amazingly alike. Just look at their posture and concentration!  We exchanged stories as  parents about how these two get frustrated with their perfectionism when it comes to piano and school.  They could be twins! Adam showed her how to play Mario Party together wirelessly and they had a blast cracking each other up.

Cracking up over Mario Party

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