Thursday, August 27, 2009

PSF - Flying

A long time ago, I used to list my hobbies on my resume. I'm not sure whether I just needed to make my resume longer, or to make it appear that I was a well-rounded person, or what my reasons were. Nowadays, my resume is overflowing and I'm at the age where I'd be better off leaving my year of graduation and losing a few of my first jobs. But back then, I was young and inexperienced and I put kite flying down as one of my hobbies.

Kite flying? Do you make them? Do you compete? Are there clubs? I got lots of questions during interviews and I had to disappoint people and say that it was just something I really enjoyed. Perhaps it labeled me as a Chinese American stereotype or perhaps it was a sure sign of an introvert. Eventually, I removed it as it was increasingly apparent that it was a ridiculous thing to put on a resume.

My collection of kites include a box kite, several diamond and delta stunt kites and even a three-tier red baron airplane kite that I've never used. I took one of my kites to the beach recently for the first time since the kids were born.

As soon as the spindles were in my hands, I felt that familiar tranquility pass over me.  I laid down in the sand and looked up at the kite.  A light touch here, a light touch there, and the kite followed my every move.  It soared high and it soared right and left, its tail gracefully mapping its trail.  As soon as I took my eyes off it, it would falter, so I gazed at it steadily to keep it afloat.

Doug graciously took the reins as I shot these photographs (I tried to photograph it while flying myself, it was impossible!).  He loves to fly kites as well as likens it to flying an aircraft.  We wanted the kids to try it and only Adam volunteered.  I was afraid that he would want to crash the kite, as his destructive boyish impulses tend to take over, but he was very careful.  But he was quickly bored and headed back to the waves.

I joined the kids in the water as Doug continued to fly the kite.

It danced gloriously.

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