Thursday, August 20, 2009

PSF - No Autographs Please

At BlogHer, I shunned away from the celebrities, as I didn't even know who most of them were (in real life, I'm pretty much a shut-in who doesn't watch TV). I declined the Nikon party with Carson Kressley because they wouldn't let my mom in since she wasn't a blogger (hey, at least I asked, instead of assuming that babies grandmas could come). I didn't look fabulous with Tim Gunn like Christine or Rachel. No, no, I stuck to celebrities I knew... like the Michelin Man.

Photo from Michelin BlogHer.

And Mrs. Potato Head.

If you look at this photograph large, you can see her eyes peeking through her hat. And her eyeballs are where her boobs are. Freaky!

But I did hang with a few celebrity bloggers. With my pal Christy from More Than Mommy:

Photos from Dove Clinical Protection.

And with the fabulous founders of kirtsy, Laura, Gabby and Laurie.  No, we weren't drunk, they forced us to put on these costumes!! We were not having that much fun (yes, we were).

Oh but wait!! On Saturday morning, Sandy of Momisodes was all hyperventilating about this cooking celebrity that I had never heard of.  She was way too shy, so I dragged her skinny butt up there to meet Dave Lieberman from the Food Network.

Photo courtesy of Sandy of Momisodes.

And of course, she looks completely composed and I look totally starstruck!!  Gah!!

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