Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ruby Tuesday - Tutto Italiano

Tutto Italiano is a huge car show held every year at the Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts featuring Italian automobiles and motorcycles.  It is a must see event for Doug, as he's gone four out of the last five years, including one year where he showed his own Ducati motorcycle.  This year we went as a family to ooh and ahh at the Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Maserati's way out of our price range.

My personal favorite was this classic Maserati:

Dova took a liking to this Ferrari 430 Scuderia (you can tell that this is the special Scuderia model from the front spoiler, mirrors and wheels... Doug would be so proud that I knew). Only $282k my dear!

This Ferrari F430 was black, but still had the red horses on the floor mats.. There was a sign saying that you could lease it for $2977/month.  As if!

This silver Ferrari California had red gauges (others have yellow).

Adam peeks through the side of this Ferrari 599 GTB.  Another bargain at $320k!

Even Maserati was getting in on the red brake caliper action.

Let's not forget the Ducati motorcycles.

The kids would even be happy with this Alfa Romeo toy car.

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!

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