Friday, October 16, 2009

PSF – Dova really plays soccer

Last year, we painfully endured Dova’s soccer season and vowed never to do it again. Of course we wanted it to be her decision, so in the spring we asked her if she wanted to play again. Thankfully, she said no. Even as she watched her brother play through the spring season, she had no interest in trying it again. In the middle of the summer, I got the last call email for fall registration and asked her one last time. She said yes. What? YES, MOM! We tried to talk her out of it, recalling all the troubles from last year, but she emphatically said yes, this time it will be different. Of course, I had no faith in her so I volunteered to be an assistant coach for her team. If I’m out on the field, she will have no excuse to loiter on the sidelines.

But miracles do happen. She was a completely new person this season, getting right out there at the beginning of each practice. She absolutely does know herself well! I think she was also thrilled to have “Coach Mom” on the field.

It also helped that she had some of her Kindergarten classmates on her team. She immediately bonded with her new friend over water.

There was even a boy from her class. Doug caught her flirting with him. Just look at that posture!

From what I hear, he is a bit of a troublemaker in school. She always seems to pick that type. We are going to be in so much trouble when she becomes a teenager!

The only thing about being coach Mom, is that I can’t sit on the sidelines with my huge camera (all these shots are courtesy of former coach Doug). For once, I am actually being there instead of being behind the lens. Mostly, we are just happy that she is finally enjoying herself at soccer. This season, she has even scored a few goals! We are so proud of you Dova!

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