Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WW - Shiny Shiny, Necklace Edition

Do these necklaces outshine last week's Shiny post from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum? This time I looked up many of these shiny beauties and updated the previous post.

Napoleon I Diamond Necklace
In 1811, Napoleon I gave this 275-carat diamond necklace to Empress Marie Louise to celebrate the birth of their son, the future king of Rome.

Spanish Inquisition Necklace
A sparkling emerald and diamond necklace of the Spanish Inquisition period.

The 98.6 Carat Bismark Sapphire
One of the world's largest, this 98.6 carat Bismark Sapphire is exceptionally large and well colored.

The Anna Case McKay Necklace
The 168-carat Columbian pendant of the Anna Case McKay necklace may be the largest fine-gem emerald that is set in a piece of jewelry.

My photographs outshine the ones in the links, if I do say so myself winking... Complete with rushing from being jostled from other photographers claiming that I was cutting in line. It's a museum, people! I am a random access person!

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