Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TMT - Back in 26-100 with MIT Mommy

Although I live not to far away in Massachusetts, I rarely get the opportunity to visit my alma mater, MIT. The real MIT Mommy came by to visit last month, and I longed to walk the hallowed hallways again. After a nice lunch at Legal Seafoods in Kendall Square, we first headed to the new and unusual Stata Center, which we both had not seen and longed for the familiar creaky floors of the old Building 20.

We tried to take a photo of ourselves in the round reflective surfaces that cut across the structure.

Obviously this is a little to obscure to be the obligatory blog friend shot. And what is that strange headless version of me standing next to myself???

So we took to leaving our mark on the blackboards.

But how many people would see that? We suddenly thought of a better idea. Why don't we write on the blackboards of 26-100, the largest lecture hall where MIT undergrads have most of their freshman and sophomore classes? I was a freshman in this very lecture hall in 1983. And true to form, it has not changed a bit. MIT Mommy brought some chalk along just in case we needed it (she's a smart one!).

Here she is drawing the gear head kid that appears on her logo. She can even draw! I tried and tried to draw a hippie flower next to my blog name but failed. They kept looking like amoebas. We wrote in the blackboards in the dark to avoid attracting attention, but that didn’t make for good photos. Then she figured out how to turn on the lights from the console in front of the blackboard. She’s a genius, I tell you! She even put up her post the DAY AFTER we met. Prompt to boot!

But it was I who snagged someone wandering into the lecture hall to take pictures of us together. I’m good for something!

It was great to meet you, MIT Mommy!

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