Thursday, October 22, 2009

PSF – Climbing out the Window

Angela?  Oh, Angela?

While we were staying in Newport, Rhode Island, for our 10th anniversary celebration, Doug was looking for me and was greeted by this open window.  I quickly scampered around the corner and snapped this picture of him.


Where the heck was I?  On the fire escape of the third floor of our Inn.  Here's some more perspective. 

Way up there.  We usually stay in the round room to the right with the turret (called the Tower Room), but this time, I convinced Doug to revisit a room on the third floor.  I just couldn’t resist going out on the fire escape to take some photographs.

The front steps from above.

Sycamore tree out front.

Up close and personal with the turret.

The garden and our car.

It was so much fun climbing around!

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