Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Gave Birth to a Computer Geek

Computer, a poem by Adam
Computer geeks know all about computers
Operating systems interface with a computer
Millions of people are connected to the Internet
Pyrotechnicians use computers to control the sequence of fireworks
Users are people who use computers
Tool bars allow people to get to functions quickly
E-mail is a good way to contact frineds
Rebooting is neccessary [sic] when your computer crashes
Adam wrote an acrostic to be exact, but not exactly in poem verse.  Apparently geeks can't write poems (although I've been known to pull off a poem or three). With this assignment, he also drew this picture.

Adam's computer

The things I take from this picture are that he uses Firefox, and he thinks that he has a blog called "Adam bytes". He's been hounding me to help him start his blog. He has friends that are already on facebook and have Blackberries!  These are 9-year-olds in 3rd grade!  What is this world coming to??

I guess it is time for him to at least get an email address.  That way, I can hound him myself.  Do your homework!  Practice your piano!  And maybe I will set up a blog for him too.  He is a computer geek after all.


Boston Mamas said...

That. is. hilarious.

I'd say some part nature, some part nurture. Heh!

Asianmommy said...

Haha! Yes, this boy needs a blog! Get to it, Angela. :)