Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WW - Spring

I know it's spring when I take out the telephoto lens to photograph the kids outside in the natural light. It's been so long since I've photographed them just for the sake of photographing them.

Blowing bubble gum
Dova blowing a bubble with the wind in her sunlit hair.

Thoughtful Adam
Adam looking oh-so-handsome and thoughtful.

Dova runs through the yard
Dova running through the yard without a care in the world.

Adam strolls
Adam strolling thoughtfully through yard looking like a teenager. He looks much older than nine years old!

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linda said...

Last week, I walked with Dova and Adam on the lawn paved trails in the woods of your neighbor's backyard. Kids insisted to walk barefooted on the grass and would not take advice to be cautious. They tocuhed the earth in the early spring.

Rachel said...

Those are great photos! I Love outdoor photos too - they're the best!