Tuesday, May 04, 2010

WW - Guest Photographer Adam

It's been a while since I've let Adam use my camera.  That would be this 9yo boy here.


He took portraits of Dova and me.

As well as silly candid shots.

I love this shot of me basking in Dova's hug and kiss and the golden hour sun.

Dova doesn't mind posing either. It's been nearly a year since she's lost those teeth and still no sign of permanent teeth yet!

Adam pretty much was snapping non-stop. I had to whittle down over 100 photos. In the end, I had to get mad to get my camera back.

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Michelle said...

Wow, he has an eye for composition.

Unknown said...

I love mom's that share their cameras with their kids. I mean, WHY NOT? : ) I share mine all the time. It is a skill. He did a great job! And so did you with that 'mad' picture! You look fierce : ) I would give your camera back in a second!

Mamí♥Picture said...

aww I love all the pictures!!
Love special moments like that!
Happy WW!

Night Owl Mama said...

LOL on the last one that is too funny. Kids are precious

I am Harriet said...

I love the missing front teeth!

Jackie said...

he took some great photos! Looks like you guys were having fun :)

Table4Five said...

Every one of those photos is fantastic! My favorites are the candid shot where you're laughing, the kiss from Dova, and Dova posing. He's got a good eye!

Happy Wordless Wednesday! Stop by and link up your photo!

Asianmommy said...

Haha! Love the last shot. :)

Kelly Tirman said...

I would have never known a 9 year-old took those shots.

I bet he didn't even read the manual.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Amy said...

wow he got some fun shots.