Friday, December 31, 2010

Mosaic Fever

Dova's Window Mosaic

We had another craftastic week with the kids over the holiday break, continuing our tradition from last year. This year Dova received a Window Mosaic kit for her birthday, which she eagerly dived into (with a little help from mom). The extra gel pieces immediately went onto the window directly to make flowers and another butterfly. This mosaic completes our mosaic media trio, gel for windows, sticky foam for her jewelry box and magnetic foam for infinite variations.

Dova's Mosaic Jewelry Box

Last year's Sticky Mosaic Jewelry Box had over 1000 pieces, but it was a great project to share with mom. Dova still proudly displays it on her dresser and keeps all sorts of girly things in it.

Seahorse Mosaic

Once you break apart all the pieces for the Magnetic Mosaics Jr., it is super easy to make the cool picture patterns that come with it. The fact that all the pieces are contained inside the metal tin makes mom very happy as well.

Magnetic Mosaics

The magnetic Mosaica is like Tangrams. The larger pieces are better for smaller hands to manipulate, but the patterns can be a little tricky for the younger folk.

Happy New Year everyone!

Note: Posts are never sponsored on this blog, mosaic crafts are truly a staple for this family. Feel free to click through and buy from the Amazon affiliate links though. smile_wink

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