Monday, January 03, 2011

My Sharona Holiday Greetings

Every year, our family goes through the ritual of creating a photo holiday greeting card.  The goal is to capture all of us in one photograph, no photo montages allowed for this family. It is a combination of masochism (these sessions are never pain-free), frugality (we've never spent money for a professional photographer), and creative outlet (at least I think it's creative).

This year I used my new car as a prop.  This seemingly innocent endeavor required carefully positioning the car in front of the garage and using a ladder with a gorillapod.  Here's the setup:

Holiday Portrait Setup

Adam is a well known photo bomber, as evidenced from previous family portraits. Naturally, there are tons of outtakes, but this year, I noticed something interesting. While flipping between photographs on the computer, it looked like we were all dancing.  Especially between the "sit up straight" and "get closer" shots.  So much so, that the song My Sharona popped into my head while editing the photographs.

After the mad dash of the holiday season, I finally put together a video montage of our photo session.  Enjoy!

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Kristina said...

Hahaha that was hilarious! You're good! and Adam! hahahah wacky photos all the way! What a beautiful family!