Saturday, January 08, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me - A Life in Quarters

Glitter flake cupcake
Doug got these delectable cupcakes for my birthday.  I was so enamored with the glitter flakes that I even dreamt about them.  Mmm, glitter flakes...  In case you're wondering, they are edible flakes that look like cellophane.  They just dissolve in your mouth and aren't sweet (although if they were, I would be totally addicted - mmm, shiny and sweet!).

A while ago, on a blog that I can't remember (old age - LOL), someone posted about turning 40 and broke down their life into quarters.  From age 0-10, 11-20, 21-30 and 31-40.  It was a great way to chronicle the different stages of their life.  I had no such reflection when I turned 40 and really just wanted to hide under a rock.  But now at the ripe old age of 44, I can see that my life can indeed be split neatly into quarters with an eleven year cadence.

0-11:  Childhood. Free and sweet, with a love of dolls that pooped (Baby Alive).  I remember a typically happy childhood, moving from place to place and settling in Flushing, NY.  There I remember being a tough chick until yanked and moved to the safer, sedate Stony Brook, NY at age 10.  No obsessions with boys yet, my love was Chopin.

11-22:  The school years:  This was when the screws put to me to get A+'s and not A's.  And miraculously, I pretty much did.  Rushed through school, went to MIT at 16, graduated at 20, Master's from UC Berkeley at 21.  Oh yes, and boys, boys, boys.  Starting with my first piano crush and ending with marrying my high school sweetheart.

22-33:  Early adulthood:  Rushing through school didn't necessarily prepare me to make all the right decisions in adulthood.  Through this quarter, I married and divorced, and changed my career from mechanical to software engineering.  It was tumultuous but adventurous.  I met Doug and remarried at 32.  By the end of this quarter, I had put my sails straight again.

33-44:  The mommy years.  Adam was born when I was 33.  My life suddenly revolved around my children with very little breathing room for anything else.  I became an ultra-responsible breadwinner for our family thanks to my love of software development.  I embraced motherhood, especially breastfeeding, and learned that I was employing the Suzuki method to parenting.

It wasn't until this past year, when I've finally felt some breathing room from the crushing job of being a parent.  The kids are pretty self-sufficient day-to-day at ages 10 and 7.  I've remembered that yes, I am a woman, and yes, I have my own interests.  I can finally have that convertible, I can look hawt if I want to, I can be Angela again.  Here's to my fifth quarter and beyond (and yes, I can be totally non-mathematical if I feel like it)!

Angela on the throne
Queen Angela, still kicking around.


Anonymous said...

Your portrait looks like Queen of Sheba of 21 century, very dignified, confident and gorgeous, and reflecting that you are definitely made out by yourself, and not too much from the others. I love your convertible, It fits to the Queen of Angela. Enjoy every minute of your daily life. You have a long way to live. (By the way, are those high heel boots comfortable? It looks very nice on you!)

Magpie said...

Happy birthday.

I liked the "11 year cadence".

Boston Mamas said...

Happy birthday Angela! I love this quarterly breakdown, and also it was so interesting to learn all these things I never knew about your life.

Also, hellz yeah to the Asian genes. You so do not look anywhere near 44. :-)

Sherry said...

Happy birthday Angela!!! Here's to many many more 11-years!

MommyTime said...

Happy Birthday, indeed! It's funny how this realization that we can be women instead of only mothers hits as our children become more self-sufficient, isn't it? I've been struck by it too lately. It's lovely, and fun to explore. Here's to a new decade of wonderful!

Asianmommy said...

Happy Birthday, Angela! Here's to your fifth quarter!