Monday, February 28, 2011

We Are No Ordinary Family

Back in September, I posted about what my family's superpowers would be, like in the ABC series No Ordinary Family.  I have always wanted the ability to be in more than one place at a time, and chose flying for Adam and invisibility for Dova.  For Doug, I thought he could really use the ability to stop time so that "everything would be quiet. He could catch his breath, relax and relish the moment of silence."

As part of the TV series campaign, we had the opportunity to have a graphic artist create a family portrait with our superpowers.  I heard nothing back about this program until we received the actual portrait in the mail in December.  And wow, there we are as No Ordinary Family.  A for Adam, D for Dova, Doug resting with time stopped, and me cooking and cleaning(?!?) at the same time.  Dova's likeness is awesome, as well as my butt (I wish!).

If you haven't seen No Ordinary Family, check it out.  You can't go wrong when one of the main characters went to MIT, my alter ego do-it-all supermom winking.