Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Brookstone Cat aka Body Bean

Me and my Brookstone Cat

Now that I've reached that age that is nine times older than five, or perhaps only three times older than fifteen, the one thing that has changed over the years is my tolerance to cold.  I used to be just like my kids, hating sweaters and scarves and never ever feeling cold until just before frostbite hits.  Now, when my nose gets cold and I am completely uncomfortable!

Thankfully Brookstone has the perfect solution for cold noses, cold hands, aching muscles, and any place that requires warming.  They call it the Body Bean, but I call it my Brookstone cat. The Body Bean is a miraculous cordless device that stays warm for up to 4 hours after a 15 min of charging.  Since it is filled with saline, it has a nice weight, transfers heat efficiently (like a water bottle) and conforms to your body perfectly.  This doesn't sound like much, but let me tell you all the places it comes in handy:
  • Sitting in my lap, the Body Bean is just like having a small cat to keep me warm.  It never scratches and always comes back after I've gotten up.  A co-worker made the kitty decorations for my cat above!  
  • When my hands are cold using the computer, I'll spend a few seconds petting the Brookstone cat in my lap and they are happy again.
  • When my nose is cold, I can pop my cat right onto my face for a cozy warm-me-up.
  • In bed, the Brookstone cat is a warm companion that never complains when you smother it.  In the morning, it still feels warm!
  • In the car, my real cat would never sit on my lap nicely to keep me warm.
  • When I have sore muscles I can actually use the Body Bean for its intended use!
As a Christmas present, I requested a second Body Bean so I have one at work and at home.  I don't know how I survived winters before!  At work, I inspired a female co-worker to purchase one for herself and we are now twins with our cats at meetings.  A male co-worker bought one for his wife for the holidays, and she absolutely loves it and sleeps with it every night.  I also bought Body Beans for my mom and cousin and everyone loves their new pets (I am single-handedly keeping this product in production!).  Even Dova loves my Body Bean!

Dova loves my Brookstone Bean

In addition to the Body Bean at $24.99, Brookstone offers a 3-in-1 Heated Body Wrap at $39.99 which allows hands free holding and warming.  My Brookstone cat is very good about staying in place, keeping me warm, and has become my favorite wintertime snuggler.  Shh!  Don't tell my real cats!

Special thanks to Brookstone for providing the first Body Bean for review as part of the Brookstone Review Crew.


Karmyn R said...

Those beanies are great.

Now that I am a thyroid cancer survivor - whenever I hear someone is having trouble being cold I always say "Go to the doctor and have your thyroid levels checked!!!"

That might be part of the problem.

Pauline said...

I love it - I may have to give my Body Bean some personality, too!

Asianmommy said...

I had never heard of this, but it sounds great! Off to Brookstone I go!

linda said...

your body bean is cute. Thank you for the bodybean that you gave it to me. It certainly warm me up!

Debbie D said...

Do you know that Brookstone has discontinued the Body Bean? Just my luck!

Angela said...

I was really disappointed to hear this as well!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's not discontinued! i just purchased one this weekend! and OMG...i love it!! :)

Anonymous said...


these haven't been discontinued! I purchased one this weekend, and I love it! I am considering getting one for work as well, and i love your "cat" decor! these things are AWESOME! even my 17yo daughter loves it! :)

Anonymous said...

I just purchased one today. Absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

The bean has been recalled. Boo! Dumb people burning themselves. I am keeping mine. Love it! Best thing for cramps ever!