Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Sky is Blue on Cherry Hill


There is a super quaint ice cream place in Leominster, MA complete with a round roof barn. Cherry Hill Ice Cream is picture perfect New England, where we visited one afternoon last summer.  It is set on a bucolic hill, just check out the view.


After enjoying our super fresh, super delicious ice cream, Adam and I laid on the benches to gaze upon the blue, blue sky for what seemed like an hour.


The sky was deeply, irrefutably blue.


Even with a pink solar flare for contrast, the sky was blue as blue can be.


Recently, I heard an episode of Radio Lab on Color, where they show that the word for blue is introduced later in classic literature perhaps because it hadn't been defined. No one had called the sky blue, and the color rarely occured in nature otherwise. They ask the question "Why Isn't the Sky Blue?" and even go so far as to say that we think the sky is blue only because we've been taught that. Is the sky blue because we say it is? Or is it really blue?

All I know is that the sky is definitely blue on Cherry Hill.  What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you were so relaxed, enjoying the moment of peace in your mind.

Karen the Californian said...

Very interesting because in the Korean language the word for "blue" is very often switched with the word for "green." The same color word can be used to describe both the grass and the sky. There isn't the same division of color wavelength that we enjoy (if that's the right wording -- at 7:33am it's still too early in my day to totally make sense) in the English language.

Anyhoo, the pictures are beautiful and they make me want to visit New England. I've never been there.