Saturday, June 02, 2012

Travel the World on your iPad

World Atlas Title Screen

I resisted getting an iPad for quite some time, but finally caved with the iPad 3.  And since then, my world has opened up under my fingertips.  The kids are too old for interactive reading apps, so they haven't ventured much past their slew of kid-oriented games.  Now there is an interactive app that is seriously for any age from 0 to 99 (or older!).  Barefoot World Atlas from Barefoot Books and Touch Press is amazingly rich and full of information that is easy and fun to find.

Siberian Tiger Entry

Dova has a report due on Siberian Tigers for school, so she immediately went to look it up on the World Atlas. Within seconds, she found the entry.  Not only can you press the audio button to have the entry read to you, you can click on the photo icon at the bottom to view a high res photograph.

Wow, this image really pops on the iPad 3 display!  The World Atlas even has recent events. This tsunami tidal wave is animated across the screen.

Check out the beautifully illustrated colors of the Middle East!  There are even space craft to learn about.

Here are two things that I learned from the app.  Table Tennis was invented in England in the 1880s.  It's not a Chinese game that has been around for centuries!

I scrolled through the countries and found one that I had never heard of, Burkina.  But as soon as I saw the capital city of Ouagadougou, I remembered that it was the capital of Upper Volta.  More research showed that the name was changed in 1984 to Burkina Faso, from its original name as a former French colony.  Apparently, I have not advanced my African geography since I graduated from HS in 1983.

No trip around the world is complete without a visit to one of my bucket list destinations, the Tah Majal.  Whenever you scroll to a new area, the music of the region also comes on.

I will see you someday, my beautiful!!

Get the Barefoot World Atlas for the iPad for $7.99 here: Barefoot World Atlas - Touch Press

If you don't have an iPad, you can enjoy the hardcover version of the book here:
Barefoot Books World Atlas

I've had so much fun spinning the world and virtual globe trotting.  Where would you like to travel too?

Disclaimer:  Barefoot Books gave me the World Atlas app to review.  No other compensation was received and the glowing recommendations are strictly my own (and Dova's) opinions.


Anonymous said...

I like your recommendation. the pictures you showed are freindly not too exotic. PBS and others programs show the globle trecker programs, showing young peoples doing all sorts of travelling, adventurous. they are good too.

Asianmommy said...

Very cool--thanks for the recommendation!