Monday, January 20, 2014

Google Auto Awesome Gallery

Here's some Auto Awesome Google applied to my Auto Backup photos.  Some are super cool, and some just a bit strange...  You can find your own magic photos in your Google+ photos by selecting Auto Awesome under Type from the Search pulldown menu or by typing #AutoAwesome in the search box.

Mix: If you've taken a series of portraits sharing similar background elements, Auto Awesome will compile these photos together into a photobooth style grid. Mix is meant to showcase portrait photos taken with similar backgrounds in time, so it works best with close-ups of faces.
Auto Awesome Mix

I barely remember when Adam was so small!

Motion:  If you've taken a series of photos in succession (at least 5), Auto Awesome will stitch these photos together into a short animation.
Auto Awesome Motion

The majority of the my Auto Awesome is Motion since my camera trigger finger is always snapping away. Vote for this photo for BlogHer '14 Photos of the Year (you must be logged into BlogHer to vote).

Smile: If you've taken a few group photos, Auto Awesome will choose the best shots of each person in your image and merge them into one great looking photo.
Auto Awesome Smile
I found a new smile on my mom for this one.

Action: Take a series of photos of someone moving (dancing, running, jumping) and Auto Awesome will merge them together into one action shot where you can see the full range of movements in a single image, capturing the movement in one captivating still.
Auto Awesome Action

OK, Adam with three legs is just not cool!

Pano: If you've taken a series of photos with overlapping landscape views, Auto Awesome will stitch these photos together into a panoramic image.
Auto Awesome Pano

Apparently Pano works to clone people as well!

Auto Awesome Snow

The snow is magical on this photo of Norman Rockwell's Main Street (Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas).

Auto Awesome Twinkle

Auto Awesome Twinkle

No where will you find more lights at Christmas time than at Walt Disney World!  Including The Great Christmas Light Fight.  The added twinkles are really like being there!

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