Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Solution for Wandering Keyboard Pedal

If you've spent any time with an electronic keyboard and sustain pedal, you've definitely run into the problem of the pedal wandering off. There are a few commercial products out there which don't have a good track record with keyboard pedals. Here is a solution that I came up with that really works. It's so simple that it's not worth trying to market, but please click through the affiliate links!

FORITO Large High Precise Gaming Mouse Pad

VELCRO Brand - Extreme Outdoor - 4" x 2" Strips

In this setup, the pedal is attached to one end of a gaming mouse pad (basically an extra large mouse pad) using sticky back velcro. The pedal won't move away from your foot because your foot also is also on the same gaming pad surface.  The gaming pad has a rubbery bottom, but that also won't move because the bench anchors the other end of the gaming pad and your weight keeps the whole thing in place.  It really works! For gigs, it's easy to wrap up the pedal in your gaming pad and off you go.

The issue with other systems shown below is that the whole thing will move around with your foot and both the pad and the pedal end up moving away without control. Don't bother with these!

CreepNoMore - has a lousy review for a reason!

Pedal-Stay II - for sewing machine pedals, not any better for keyboards

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