Sunday, September 20, 2020

Crochet Piano Keyboard


I've finally made good use of my craft time and completed this 88-key crochet piano scarf. It's based on this patter from Crochet Spot. It's not exactly the size of a real keyboard, as the keys are a little too wide and too short.

But it does make for a nice conversation piece if you keep the right side out at all times (the back side just has extra black and white crochet stripes).

And you can get this fantastic empow(her) shirt at at our local Indigo Store. RIP RBG.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Unmastering the Cable Knit Hat

A couple years ago, I tried to make this free cable knit hat pattern from Michael's using I Love This Chunky Yarn from the craft store that I don't shop from anymore (don't even want to link to them!).

They look decent enough right? Except it was just too tight. I tried wearing it once to a ski resort (while not skiing of course, always use a helmet while skiing!) to convince myself that it was okay and would loosen up, but it kept popping off my head because it was too tight. We ended up donating them, because it would probably fit kids with smaller heads fine.

For the next version made with Lion Brand Hometown Yarn in Lake Tahoe Blue, I tried to make a loose slouchy cable hat, so I added an extra cable which is 8 stitches. And I made it extra tall.

This took nearly two skeins and ended up being really heavy. Sure you can put it on your head for the cool slouchy look, but it just falls off immediately after the photo shoot.

If you put in on top of your head so it doesn't fall off the back, it fits too loosely and just falls over your face.

Clearly, this cable hat doesn't work either. I completely frogged the hat (didn't want to donate this disaster), and started again. This time I used the Aspen Hat crochet pattern from 5 Little Monsters. It worked perfectly.

I was even able to reuse the pom pom.

So the key to making a chunky cable knit hat is not to make a chunky cable knit hat, you will never get the right number of cable stitches to work!

Friday, February 07, 2020

Crochet Heart Wreath

It's that time of the year for heart-shaped decorations! Here's a heart-shaped wreath covered in crochet flowers made from any scrap yarn with red, pink or purple hues.

Really, I only used scrap yarn for this project! Way too much pink and red yarn in this house... The only thing I purchased was some floral wire that I shaped into a heart by twisting it together, overlapping it 3 times.

Darice Floral Paper Wrap Wire Brown 8 Yards

For the flowers, I used a variety of free patterns from my fellow crochet artists. The largest flower in the center is Lisa's Rose Crochet Flower Pattern.

Another interesting pattern is Mikey's Crochet Bee Happy Flowers. This is reminiscent of the Crazy Exponential Necklace as it simply triples from row to row. I couldn't make it to the fourth row, but three is plenty. Up close, this flower looks like brain folds!

The majority of the flower uses Jenn's Small Rosette Pattern. It's quick and easy to make.

Attaching the flowers to the wireframe is a little tricky. The first time I tried to assemble them, the flowers would flop to the side and wouldn't stay in the front. I found a technique that worked to keep the flowers steady.

Using a yarn needle, thread one end between the wires so that the flower faces forward. This may be one or two wires depending on where the flower falls on the wire twist. The flower below is threaded under one wire.

Thread one end in between wires on the front side

Tie the flower on the backside of the wireframe. The flower below, shown from the backside, is threaded under two wires. Arrange all the flowers with ties until you are happy with the spacing.

Once all the flowers are positioned, untie each flower and knot it in place. Then wrap one end around all three wires and knot it again. Trim the excess ends. This is how it will look from the backside.

Hang and enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day!

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