Thursday, February 16, 2006

Email runaround

I really hope I win the Powerball lottery so that I can quit this company that treats its employees like 5 year olds. After switching my email from hotmail to gmail, so that I can forward to work, they end up blocking it so I have no more email. For a while, I tried forwarding my gmail to hotmail, where I can still see the headers in outlook express, but that just got tiresome. Besides, having duplicate emails and deleting them is just a pain. Now I am paranoid that it was because I posted 6 month and counting from work and someone read it as it went over.

This week, I also got an email from the IT guy asking what all these programs that were loaded on the computer and whether we had licences for them. And what do I use TweakUI for? He claimed he was not trying to babysit me. So I know there is quite a bit of snooping going on. Ugh.


-Quentin said...

Hey Angela,

Thanks for the pointer to your blog. I left you a reply with a link to my Live Journal and website....they sort of go back a bit and I "guess" describe me a bit.

From what I read, it sounded as though you were out of work for a spell. I was too. I had worked for a start-up in Wilmington, and all came tumbling down after 3 years of a horrible economy. Oh well...such is life.

-Quentin said... last thing. I'm not sure what sort of software coding you do, but you might check out the openings here at Sun Microsystems. We have a number of groups that are hiring, and it really is a GREAT environent to work in.

I can also look at the internal postings which are always put out ahead of the outside postings. (so you get a jump on an opening)

I don't know if your post was kidding, or for real....either way....take a look anyways. (looking never hurts :-)

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