Thursday, February 16, 2006

Email runaround

I really hope I win the Powerball lottery so that I can quit this company that treats its employees like 5 year olds. After switching my email from hotmail to gmail, so that I can forward to work, they end up blocking it so I have no more email. For a while, I tried forwarding my gmail to hotmail, where I can still see the headers in outlook express, but that just got tiresome. Besides, having duplicate emails and deleting them is just a pain. Now I am paranoid that it was because I posted 6 month and counting from work and someone read it as it went over.

This week, I also got an email from the IT guy asking what all these programs that were loaded on the computer and whether we had licences for them. And what do I use TweakUI for? He claimed he was not trying to babysit me. So I know there is quite a bit of snooping going on. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,

Thanks for the pointer to your blog. I left you a reply with a link to my Live Journal and website....they sort of go back a bit and I "guess" describe me a bit.

From what I read, it sounded as though you were out of work for a spell. I was too. I had worked for a start-up in Wilmington, and all came tumbling down after 3 years of a horrible economy. Oh well...such is life.

Anonymous said... last thing. I'm not sure what sort of software coding you do, but you might check out the openings here at Sun Microsystems. We have a number of groups that are hiring, and it really is a GREAT environent to work in.

I can also look at the internal postings which are always put out ahead of the outside postings. (so you get a jump on an opening)

I don't know if your post was kidding, or for real....either way....take a look anyways. (looking never hurts :-)