Thursday, September 02, 2004

What happened to my passenger door key lock?

Since we have all gotten used to using the remotes to lock and unlock the doors, I guess BMW decided that we didn't need a key lock on the passenger side anymore!!

Now, with my E30 I got used to locking the door at the trunk since the driver's side locks got screwed up and would cost way to much to fix. So I had gotten used to going to all the other key locks to lock it. It was one of the really cool features of a BMW. I guess it took me over a year for me to realize that it wasn't even there on my new car.

I started to look at other cars to see if they were afflicted in the same way. Sure enough, all the newer BMW's and Mercedes did not have a passenger side key lock. Of course all the American and Japanese cars still do. I believe they are still there on Volkswagons too. But I bet they will start disappearing as well.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to dissapoint you. I have a 1999 VW New Beetle, and it does NOT have a passenger side door lock. Must be a cost savings. (It was only a $12,000 car new)

But I'd rather the door manual door lock over the MASSIVE VW key fob I ended up with.

It looks cool at first, until you try to put it on a key ring....and it ends up being larger then all the keys on it put together. (I guess I'm just venting at this point... :-)

On a happier note, I do like the color of my VW...Cyber Green :-)