Saturday, September 10, 2005

The perfect walk

This draft is almost exactly a year old (started 9/14/2004), so it's about time I wrote it. I miss my "work at home" days from my old job, especially walks with Dova. Back then, I was still listening to music and free Audible stuff on my Palm. I had tried using a MP3 CD player, but it skipped if I put it on the stroller tray or strapped it to my waist. The only way it worked was hanging from my forearms, not very comfortable. Good thing I finally got with the times and got the iPod!! Anyway, back to my perfect walk.

September days have the most beautiful weather, cool, sunny, and dry. After a sneezy spring and a hot and humid summer, September always feels good, even though the temperature change always makes me think about the winter to come. And sometimes when I'm walking, I happen upon the perfect song, this time it was India.Arie's Wonderful (Stevie Wonder Dedication). For whatever reason, when the perfect song comes on, I always lift my head up to the sky and see the towering pines 70 feet in the air. I don't know what it is about looking up to the sky when feeling exalted, but every time, I catch myself doing it. I try to take in the moment fully, breathe in the life-bearing air, and be one with the universe.

2/20/06 - OK, here is a picture of this neighborhood in January.


Anonymous said... first when I saw the title of this entry, I was a but sad that there was no picture. (I am a visual learner I guess) I almost skipped over the entry....

But when I started to read it, I have to say that your description of the walk...the trees, the music (even the uncomfortable forearm hanging MP3/CD player :-) painted very nice pictures in my head. (it doesn't hurt that it is 20 degrees out right now....muddle of Feb and the ground covered with snow...and you are singing praises about beautiful fall weather! Those are the pictures my brain is WAITING to see again!! :-) sort of reminds me of how nice it is to read and listen to the radio. I actually don't read any fiction....I used to....but not any more. (I read a lot....just no fiction)

I know your post isn't fiction, but the pictures is conjures up make me think about reading a little differently.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture because it certainly helps me with the please don't take this as a huge critisism, but looking at the snow after reading such a moving description of a cool, sunny and dry September day kind of makes me shiver.

Not to worry...having a pretty good imagination, I can certainly picture the green grass, leaf covered trees on the lawn, neighborhood dogs or cats chasing their tails and perhaps even squirrels skampering around collecting acorns. (assuming there are acorns....but heck, it's my imagination....why not :-)

Sorry....I'm just kidding. (and getting way too carried away!) I do appreciate the photo, and just like to kid around some times. :-)