Monday, March 20, 2006

Mail2RSS: free disposable email, read your email in your favorite RSS feedreader!

Wahoo!!! Thanks to my new buddy Quentin, I found this nifty site/service that will post my email (forwarded from gmail) to an RSS feed (readonly of course) so I can read it in Bloglines. It took a little while for the whole thing to get going, but once it started working, it was pretty much real time (some delay in the mail2rss at first and then the usual delay from bloglines). But now I can read my Gmail at work legally and not feel as though I am completely cut off from the world (and hate my company just a little bit less)!! What a fantastic idea from Zoran Juric to forward email to RSS (yes, for those of us geeky enough to know what that means). Thank you thank you thank you Quentin!!


Anonymous said...

Cool....i'm glad to see you a bit more "connected" to the real world at work.

I wish I could solve this same problen in my car to and from work....about two hours a day disconnected from email and the web! (Yahoo text messages to my phone when I get email has helped a bit...but NOT enough! :-)

Oh the horror!!!

Anyways....I'm glad this helped.

Angela said...

You'll just have to get a SmartPhone with internet access so you can read and write mail anytime, anywhere. I was almost going to spring for that kind of phone for the next contract period with the extra $10 a month just so I could have my email, but thankfully this solution came along. Oh yeah, plus you could have constant IM access as well. There is such a thing as being too connected...

Anonymous said... extra $10/month....yea, the typical quandary....having a cool gadget vs being the cheapskate that I am. (always the thing that gets in my way)

Some day I will find myself in a particularly "weak" state, and a Smartphone will be mine! (once I have something, it is often too tough to go back....a hysteresis of sorts)