Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New glasses for everyone

In an effort to save on insurance premiums (I am hoping to drop the vision coverage when I change over my medical, but they may not let me), I am stocking everyone in the family up with new glasses. Here is Adam in his new SpongeBob glow-in-the-dark glasses. Hopefully his sister won't get a hold of them, as she managed to break not one, but two pairs of glasses in the store. Ripped the metal hinges right off. She did it again at home to an old pair of ski sunglasses as well.


Anonymous said...

Nice wife and I aren't struggling with vision care (though everyone has glasses in our house), but dental coverage is our problem. (or is that lack of coverage)

Anyways....I know this is a random comment on this photo, but my eye was instantly drawn to your trash recepticle (barrel, bin, bucket, can, etc...???) We have one that looks like its "twin" in our kitchen. (I warned you it was random :-)

Angela said...

That garbage can was our $50 solution to the cats constantly tipping the garbage. We saw one at a friend's house and immediately had to get one. This one came from the Settle Shop in Townsend, MA. Another favorite unfinished furniture store we frequent is Wood 'N Things in New Ipswitch, NH.

Anonymous said...

I forget where our garbage can came from....we have had it so long it is like a part of the family.

hmmm, a "cat" person....well, it turns out I am a dog person. Sort of forced to be in a way as I have an alergy to cat hair.

I think I also like the personality of a dog a bit more as well...but I guess that varies with each dog/cat as well.

I find cats to be very independent....I think that people are there to for their needs.

I find dogs are much more dependent. Not only dependent, but grateful for your presence. They almost seem to "want to please" and appreciate things you do for them. (scratch behind their ears, play tug-of-war....etc...)

I guess it doesn;t have to be either-or though....