Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wildlife at work

Photo from Emory College

Ever since I moved to the cube next to the window, I've seen a bunch wildlife outside. Not that Hollis, NH is the boonies. It is, compared to Framingham, MA, where the most I ever saw were geese roaming the grounds. I've seen deer wandering outside here, and most recently a Pileated Woodpecker. I tried to take a picture of it with my Palm, but it was just too far away. Oh yeah, and everyone laughed at me trying. I've never seen a woodpecker in real life (I am a city girl). It's nice to have a cube with a view.


Anonymous said...

When I worked here a few years ago I had a window office....but coming back a year or so ago the windows were all claimed.

So I have not missed it all that much, until a day like today rolls around...and the Sun is coming into everyone's office....and not I'm wanting some of that!

I guess I'll just have to go and "work from someone's office" for the day! (still too cold to work from a picnic table outside....but this will be possible before you know it!)

Hello Spring.....I can't wait to see you!!! (Oh....we don't see too much wildlife in Burlington....quite a number of geese when the weather warms up....but hardly wild. They walk right up to you and take beg for food)

Anonymous said...

Wow...a friend I work with was in my office this morning and I was flipping though windows trying to find a log file to show him when I flipped by this blog picture and he "instantly" said "Hey that's a Pileated Woodpecker, boy are they big."

I knew he was an outdoors know, hiker and camper....but I didn't know he knew so much about wildlife. (Sort of like my wife with plants and herbs...she is a walking encyclopedia.)

Anyways....we didn't go over your entry, but the picture did seem to perk him up a bit!

Angela said...

Yes, I was actually surprised by how big this bird was as well. It was as big as a good sized duck, with a long neck that swings around wildly in all different directions. It doesn't peck peck peck like the smaller varieties of woodpeckers. I've seen those smaller woodpeckers before, they look like any other bird.

The Man On The Street said...

I have a pair that visit my back yard occasionally. The first time I saw them, I was in awe.

I said to myself...

Self? Weren't they (you know why "they" are right?) just saying that someone claimed to have spotted one in Maine - only to be told by "professionals" that it couldn't have been - they are extinct?

I took a few snaps and sent them to the Audobon... Guess what? They aren't extinct afterall!

Usless info from TMOTS #1: Did you know that Walter Lance actually modeled Woddy Woodpecker after the Pileated?