Friday, June 16, 2006

My first letter of complaint

I'm not the type of person to officially complain about things, although most of my friends know that I will usually go around and tell the story to each person until I get it out of my system. Here is a letter that I actually mailed to the local Radio Shack in Nashua, NH. Maybe I'm getting older and not so shy, or maybe I'm more intolerant of rude behavior being a mom now. Here it is:

Radio Shack
42 Gusabel Ave # 42
Nashua, NH 03063

Dear Sir or Madam:

Unfortunately, I have to report an incident that occurred with a sales representative at your store. I had purchased a battery and was paying for the item. Since I knew I had exact change, I started to search through my change purse to extract the change. After a few seconds, the sales representative said, “Could you hurry it up, I have someone waiting.” I looked around and didn’t see anyone else in the store that required help. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I assumed that perhaps he had someone on hold on the phone. After rushing and paying, I noticed that he simply walked away from the cash register, with no one to attend to in person or on the phone. I am very disappointed with the amount of disrespect I received for taking a few extra seconds to pay. I have not returned this Radio Shack as a result of this experience. The sales representative was an older gentleman. I have enclosed the receipt for the purchase as well if that will help you to identify this individual.

Angela (last name here, I'm sure everyone reading this knows it!)


Anonymous said...

Wow...good for you!

Not that I am a big compainer myself, but I don't appreciate being pushed around either and your story would have frosted me as well!

What this guy was so disrespectful is a mystery to me. While I like to give people the benefit of the know, having a bad day..but this guy makes no sense. What was he thinking and doing.

I've written a letter ot or two myself.

No...good work.

Anonymous said...

Good manners never go out of style!
Granted that everyone has a bad day, but these people are in the service business, no excuse. Your complaint was more than justified!
This guy at the counter was simply being a rude AH.


Anonymous said...

Good thing (for that guy) that you weren't a "mystery shopper" at Radio Shack. My wife takes some of those kinds of assignments for fun--typically holds out for restaurant assignments and takes along a pal for lunch--and a couple times has had to/gotten to totally ream someone for poor service. Hopefully got one fired. That bad.

My spin: Whenever I get the first iota of bad service, I just blurt out, "Could you go get your manager for me?" If the reply is, "Uh, he/she's not here," then my next line is, "Then get him/her or his/her boss on the phone for me, please. I can wait."

(No, I don't go around saying "his/her," but you get the point.)

Anonymous said...

Obviously you think people making minimum are supposed to always give you a smile and be courteous. Everyone has bad days. Writing a letter over a single transaction in a radio shack is petty.