Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy belated Blog-o-versary!!

I went past my 2nd blog-o-versary in June without even a mention! To carry on tradition, here's a new template (maybe I won't feel the need to change it every year. I previously mentioned no ads, but here's a nice new section on the left; it's good to be flexible right?

Anyway, I really wanted a three column layout and a fixed width content area because I was tired of taking up all that much space. So now I'm limited to 500 pixel wide thoughts.

I played a bit on Blogger Beta with a new blog,, and to my shock the URL for was taken by another SW engineer blogging mom a few months ago. Good luck to her, although you all know who's the original.


Anonymous said...

Like the new layout! A lot more accessible! Good choice!


Angela said...

Thanks! I noticed that I'm really in need of a nice title graphic. That'll be my next project. I really learned a lot about HTML and CSS doing this template. I didn't even know what CSS stood for before yesterday (cascading style sheet).

Bigqueue said...

Happy birthday..err, to the BLOG...and I see you gave US the present by creating a cool looking page format.

I like the colors and layout a lot. Very nice visual. (but then you are the UI programmer...right!)