Saturday, November 18, 2006


Is it too late for Happy Halloween? We were so behind this year that I didn't even buy this pumpkin until November 1st. Then I didn't carve it until the night before Adam's birthday party, on November 3rd. The day after Halloween last year, I bought a stencil and carving set for half price at Target (around $3 as I recall) and had to wait patiently for a year to try it out. Adam selected the pattern and I carved out this masterpiece. Actually, it was my very first carving, as I always deferred the task to men with knives. Using a carving saw is much more precise, but still quite work-intensive. This one took about an hour. Having carved it the night before Adam's party had the added benefit of looking fresh and fantastic for the party. Note to self for next year: Don't pick designs with a hanging piece as that gets soft and flimsy quickly!


Anonymous said...

But unknowingly he didn't just select a cool looking bat design, but he honoured his Chinese heritage as well.

"Upsidedown bat" homonym for "arrival of good luck" Perfect symbol for a birthday.

Anonymous said...

Very cool carving, and a photo that is second to none! Excellent work all around.

Oh, and it is never too late for good artwork. (both pumpkin and photo art)