Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

It was bound to happen someday, you wake up and suddenly you're over the hill (or in my case you stay up past midnight). As an added bonus I managed to break my friend's Palm. Apparently there is a bug where a birthday alert in early January (by default alerts are set one week in advance which in this case spans the new year) causes the power to stay on continuously. It was dead and she couldn't fix it until she read this article.

I guess I am holding up extremely well and am thankful for the wonderful family and job(?) that I have. I admit I'm not thrilled about being 40 and spent a good part of 39 dreading the impending day. Not planning any exciting midlife crises or even a celebration after Dova's party fiasco. I did get a wonderful trip to Disney World for my family from my mom. Thanks Mom!!


Bigqueue said...

Happy Birthday! I remember that I knew when your birthday was at one point from your FRAPPR page. (I think you were a member of the Jan 3rd birthday group...or something like that)

I believe I might have even sent you an ecard a couple of months ago, but I was never sure it was going to go since it said it was going to be sent on Jan 3, 2006. (can you say bug at the ecard site?)

I guess things have been a little out of sorts for me, and I just forgot. (else I would have at least sent an email)

Happy Birthday! (and many more!)


Bigqueue said...

Sorry...I must have been alseep when I read your post. I totally missed the last paragraph that talks about not scheduling a mid-life crisis. (and what's the (?) around that three letter word?)

Let me first say that no one schedules their mid-life crisis....they come without warning.....but I think mine has past, and it was fairly painless. It came at about the time I bought my VW Beetle and I lost my weight. the weight loss was a net plus....but the Beetle, well I liked it for a few years, but at this point it sits in my yard as a reminder of how dumb I am to buy a car on looks and not actual reliability statistics. (though I suppose it was much more practical than a Hummer)

Oh, and that comment about enjoying a wonderful on if you ask me. That's the key to life.....early, mid or late in life.