Friday, March 30, 2007

From the Visual Studio .NET 2005 trenches

Since I spend most of my day breathing VS .NET, I figured I post a few cheers and gripes. Here are my favorite features for the obsessively organized person that I am:
  • Rename and extract methods often. The refactoring tools in .NET are fantastic. No more cryptic out-of-date out-of-context variable names and methods. Even renaming files and subsequently their class names is a breeze.
  • Intellisense intellitype. Coding has evolved beyond how well you can copy and paste and is now how well you use the TAB key. The .NET intellitype somehow magically predicts what I want to type next. I try to make software that is fairly intelligent and in tune with the users needs, but not to the point of being telepathically scary!
Here are some wishes:
  • I always use my extra back button on the mouse for navigating backwards in web browsers and Windows Explorer, and I'd like to see the back button used to navigate backwards in a source file (currently on the toolbar with Ctrl+- accelerator).
  • Make classes public by default! It was in VS 2003 but not in VS 2005? What gives?

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