Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Funny moments with my Mom at Lab Automation

My mom joined my on my work trip to the Lab Automation trade show. Although she was sick during the trip, there were some funny moments that we enjoyed:
  • Poolside Party - The evening that she arrived, I went out to eat with my co-workers and they were all worried about whether she would be OK on her own. Turned out that she went to the show's opening night poolside party and ate a bunch of hors d'oeuvre for dinner. She then became known as the woman who can take care of herself.
  • "It's OK, she's a Professor" - I arrived early with her to set up one morning, and technically only exhibitors are allowed before hours. The guard stopped her and an organizer looked at her badge and let her enter because she was a professor. Not sure if it was a position of privilege or just that she wouldn't have been a spy for a competitor. Still we were "honored" that she got special treatment.
  • Where are the sequins? - While we were there, it just so happened that David Copperfield was playing nearby for 2 nights so we got some nosebleed tickets to see him at nearly $70 a ticket. The show was a bit of a disappointment, he was basically coasting, filling a lot of time with videos about how great he was, and barely breaking a sweat. Plus she didn't think he was dressed properly in his unbuttoned blue shirt, t-shirt and black pants (his now signature look I'm sure). Afterwards, in the lobby, even before we left in the theater, she was complaining about how terrible the show was. "If I'm going to pay $70 to see him, I expect a tuxedo and sequins!! Not dressed so sloppy!!" Tom, Noorul and I could barely hold in the chuckles. She was right of course, but not so loud right in the theater!

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