Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not all Disney wands are equal

At Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, we saw these cool lighted Mickey wands which were only $5 each. Wow, I thought, the Star Wars light sabers (with actual lights, not all of them have that) are $13, what a deal for these! So I bought two for the kids. The next night at Epcot, the kids kept asking for more light wands. We held off until we were leaving the park and finally found vendor cart that was still open. I had been eying the different wands all night and convinced Adam to pick this cool strobe wand. It is a basically a strobe light in a soft rubber ball on a flexible wand, so when you swing it around, it makes cool multi-colored light trails. I was thrilled when he took my suggestion (hmm, did I want it for him or myself?). Dova picked her own Tinkerbell magic wand which also had multi-colored effects. I fished out a $20 bill, handed it to the vendor and he replied that it was $30. What?!? They were $15 each. I had just assumed these wands would also be reasonably priced. Now it was too late to back out as the kids already had them in hand, so I forked over the money. I guess not all Disney wands are created equal. The kids still love and use their expensive wands and the Mickey wands are untouched in the toy box.

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