Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2 - Cool NPR stories

OK, this is one technically isn't about me, but I've got a backlog of cool NPR stories that I want to let people know about!
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  1. Going Binocular: Susan's First Snowfall: If you listen to only one of these stories, this is it. Most people naturally see in stereo. Susan Barry didn't, but it didn't stop her from doing anything that required depth perception. When she learned that she was monocular in her 40's and started therapy, her world completely changed. The way she described how she now finally saw the world in 3-D is completely wondrous, magical and uplifting. Something the rest of us take for granted.
  2. Artist Takes Inspiration from Amputation: The unbelievably positive attitude of this amputee is something that everyone should learn from.
  3. Zero Gravity Zzzs: Joys of Sleeping in Outer Space: I always wondered how astronauts slept in outer space. I would imagine that it would be extremely comfortable since there would be no pressure points and the need to turn over all the time. Then again, you can't get the feeling of being covered. There are some funny laugh out loud sections in this piece as well.
  4. Sunday Puzzle: Get Ready to Go 'Pro": Tom Hanks makes a guest appearance on Will Shortz's weekly challenge. He was awesome and funny.
  5. Prayer: Once a Last Resort, Now a Habit: Kevin Kling is hysterical in this piece. I am a big fan every time he comes on.
  6. The How and Why of Life and Death: Another great Kevin Kling piece.
  7. When the Elephants March in Manhattan: Even though I'm from NY, I had no idea that elephants marched through the Midtown tunnel in the middle of the night every year for the circus. This piece highlights the elephants and the crowds as they cheer and wave them by.
  8. The Dog Who Lived to Suck on Toads: People aren't the only ones who suffer from drug addiction. This dog managed to finally curtail her escapades to weekends.
  9. Rock, Paper, Scissors!: Who knew there was a world championship for this? Former champion Jason Simmons shows how he sizes up people and predicts how they will play. Very accurate psychological assessment of host Steve Inskeep.
  10. Baking by Senses and Memories: This touching essay from This I Believe recounts a young woman's connection with her grandmother who taught her to bake. It brings baking to a transcendental level.
  11. Blogging: A Blight or a Boon to Marriage?: This commentary is a hysterical account of the blogging addiction that so many of us have.
  12. 'Toynbee Tiles' Mystery Resurrected in Philly: Mysterious tiles crop up on the streets of Philadelphia. Is it art? Is it a cult?
  13. Lost And Found Sound: Numbers: Strange numbers are read out on shortwave radio since the Cold War. Is it secret code? Is it espionage? No one really knows.


Unknown said...

This is a great list..Love new things to read

Anonymous said...

Fabulous idea! And I clicked on a few.

Anonymous said...

I love reading interesting news bits.

Thank you for an interesting T13.

Mama Kelly

pussreboots said...

Oh dear, #11! Sometimes I worry my husband is a blogging widower.

Qtpies7 said...

My husband would be a blogging widower, but he's left me years ago to play his stupid computer game City of Heros, which I have affectionately renamed "City of Divorced Guys." (he didn't really leave me, lol, we happily sit in the same room doing our things on different computers)