Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How many glasses do boys go through?

Here's Adam in his third pair of glasses. The first pair lasted a year until he required a new prescription. As a precaution, we had gotten the replacement warranty for them from Pearle Vision, but didn't have to use it of course. The warranty cost $25 and covered 70% of replacement costs. Our total cost with insurance was $55, where retail was $238. For the second pair, we didn't have vision insurance, so I purchased very similar pair of Spongebob glasses at 39DollarGlasses.com for $85 including shipping. It was a lot cheaper than buying from Pearle without insurance, even for lens only, but unfortunately, that pair lasted only 4 months. He lost a hinge screw early on which we replaced with safety wire and then busted the metal part of the rim. We tried supergluing the lens to the rim, but it didn't stay. This time, I purchased a super cheap pair from Zenni Optical for $29 including shipping. After a few days, they are a bit tweaked and crooked and we already had to replace the nosepieces. But at that price, glasses are now practically disposable. It doesn't even pay to have vision insurance any longer!

He is also sporting his Harry Potter scar tattoo in this picture and we are rapidly approaching the end of Book Two. Speaking of Harry Potter, this is our favorite of the Potter Puppet Pals videos on YouTube. Warning, it is very catchy!


Anonymous said...

Lol, that harry potter youtube movie is wicked :D. Seen it a while ago for the first time and it's definitely catchy alright, hehe.

maiylah said...

my son had his Guess (for kids) eyeglasses for a year before he had to change to new ones ... i know he kind of "stepped" on them one time, and it came out a bit crooked, but still usable. lol.
cool Harry Potter youtube movie! ;)

Shosh said...

My daughter got a pair of glasses. Lost it. Can't find it. Bought another, and we promptly found the lost one...it was in the garden in our backyard. Surprisingly, in one piece.

Anonymous said...

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