Friday, November 14, 2008

Dova's One and Only Soccer Trophy

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It's only appropriate that Dova's soccer career begins and ends with a Photo Story Friday.  She had a tough time joining the soccer practice before the game all season.  She would promise to do the practice right away, we would give her a pep talk in the car, she would kick her ball all the way from the parking lot to the fields, but inevitably, she would freeze and refuse to join the other kids once we got to the field.  She claimed that she was shy, but she certainly knew everyone by the end of the season. I would have to do the practice with her until she felt comfortable enough to stay on her own.  Once that barrier was crossed, she was totally integrated and perfectly fine.  She even played in the rain and demonstrated great kicking:

Dova plays soccer in the rain

But before she started playing, it was pure torture for Doug and me.  We told her that she had to complete this season and then she could quit soccer.  During picture day, she actually said that she wanted to do another season so that she could get a different color shirt.  No way!  Soccer is about sports not fashion, we told her.  In the end, she agreed that she wouldn't play again and spared us the trauma of another season.  On trophy day, the coaches handed out the trophies and said something about each of the teammates.  Some were good hustlers, some were most improved, and Dova was "possibly the shyest girl I have ever met."  She was very happy to receive her first trophy.

Dova receives her soccer trophy

Here she is proudly holding her one and only soccer trophy:

Dova's soccer trophy

I guess it was all worth it after all.

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