Saturday, September 11, 2010

Touched by the Bloggess

Me and Jenny the Bloggess

During BlogHer '10 Voices of the Year Art Exhibit and Art Auction curated by kirtsy, I patiently waited in line to be blessed by the performance art of Jenny the Bloggess.  She breathed in my aura, looked at the words "i am music" on my arm and typed this out on her vintage pink typewriter.

Bloggess writes
"You are a rhapsody that hasnt been finished.  Unfortunely you cant sell unfinished rhapsodies.  Also? I cant spell."

It was great fun and I was glad to see Jenny in good spirits and not too spooked by all the people swarming around her. 

BlogHer Voice of the Year Gala

It is the last week to bid on the art auction benefitting gulf coast restoration. From September 10-20, items from the geek/nerdy art collection are up for bidding. Check out the auction directly on eBay.

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linda said...

Your smiles in the picture are so so sweet. It melts my heart on this chilly drizzle morning.