Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cool Video plug-in

Check out the new video "page element" on the left which shows my latest videos as served up by the Google search of my username "moonfever0". When you click on a thumbnail, the video will play at the top of the posts. I didn't figure this out at first because I had it too far down the page (could hear the audio but didn't see the video). It will be interesting to see what happens or doesn't happen with these blocked video sites at work. Of course, check out all my videos on YouTube. I also have a bunch on Google Video as well, but apparently they failed to make it a social site, so it's impossible to get a page of just my videos without logging into my account. Do you hear that Google? Yes, I know you're just working on the integration with YouTube right now... Thankfully, most are embedded to the blog, so you can see them under the video label.

8:58 AM update - four ugly black boxes at work and nothing happens when I click on them. Such is corporate life!

5/10/07 update - There was just not enough control over what came up under the search and it took too much room, so I opted for this static badge of my most recent videos instead.

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Bigqueue said...

I like the video boxes....and I guess I feel lucky to not have such blocks where I work.

All of this Blogging stuff is getting more and more cool!