Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blind Access Journal: Google's Inaccessible Account Creation Process!

I finally got around to removing my word verification box after hearing how it prevents blind users from opening accounts and posting comments. Google (and hence Blogger) does not provide an audio alternative for this. Please sign the petition to change this.


Anonymous said...

Wow...and you must have done it just minutes ago when I was replying to one of your entries on "Perfect Pitch". I saw the word verifiction was missing and I thought I was somehow in the twilight zone. (just an exageration...and a reference you might not even remember :-)

Anonymous said...

Petition signed....I forgot to do that earlier.

Angela said...

So after 2 days in a row of getting X-rated spam, I turned the comment word verification back on again. At least the Blogger verification is easily passable as opposed to LiveJournal's (I've failed twice already!)